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It Began With Number Play

All ideas have a start and this one was no different. It was late one night as Mil fell restless. Flipping open his cell phone revealed the usual display of numbers across the screen - date, time and counting minutes. Then creativity took hold and found its way into thought. Play time began! 

The thought was simple: make as many number patterns as possible before the clock advanced. Mil experimented and experimented to create a card game. Games 'n' Play International then joined the team to refine that product into InEquations - The new & educational math game for children grades 3 and up!  

Game contents for the best in new & fun math card games



InEquations uses two sets of dice. One set holds addition and subtraction signs. The second set holds multiplication and division signs. The two sets are color coded, but please note that colors of dice may vary from the game shown here.



InEquations comes with a deck of cards. The deck holds the numbers 2 through 20 for creating equations.



As a bonus, each pack comes with pencils. Please note that the color of the pencils may vary from what is shown here.

Game Play

Cards & Dice


Players get to choose dice which have the arithmetical operation signs of addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. Number cards are selected as well, making the setup for game play complete.

Make The Equations


Players create equations by adding their own chosen numbers to the numbers from the cards dealt to them. Dice are placed in between cards according to the specific equations being created by contestants.

Figure It Out!


Competition begins when an opponent is given the hand of cards from another player, along with the end total of that player's equation. The objective is to arrange the dice & cards to recreate the original equation.   

The Benefits For Children



The basis of thinking is logic. This skill fundamentally shapes our world. For a developing child this is even more so. There are principles which help us know what is correct and math card games for 3rd graders, like InEquations, are tools for advancing such understanding. When parents and teachers use fun math card games, a pathway is set to help maximize a young person's chances for life success. We at GamesByMil.net are here to help make that happen with our first offering in a line of new math card games for kids!

Sequential Abilities


Logical abilities directly follow the ability to count. As a child develops, applying basic math understanding helps this reasoning. InEquations is a game that supports this in a child's education so that the journey to the next levels of reasoning can begin. 

Deductive Reasoning


But logic and sequential abilities are only meaningful if good conclusions happen. InEquations is a tool for the logical principles of solid math. InEquations gets a child to extend school learning in building equations and using sequential logic to figure out hidden numbers. When this happens, things make sense - the numbers add up and problem solving evolves to make learning - and InEquations - fun! 

And Hang In There Everyone ...


because more games are on the way!!