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The Beginning

It started with dreams that got big! In the course of creativity, founding President and Managing Director Milner Benedict III remembered the school years as a place to learn problem solving while discovering knowledge. This is where Mil's heart remains today. Life has inspired him to create math board games to help young people understand new information. Our company believes that the enjoyment that comes from learning is vital for teaching. The journey continues today with Games By Mil - the official online retail store where education and creative innovation come together to help young and old learn with the best board games for kids.  


The Future of Games Today

In the online world, we focus on technology and the advances it brings. But that future also has a place for something special - board games. Whether played with dusty old checkerboards or crisp, new decks of cards, we know that a child's ability to develop social skills starts with good old fashioned stuff we can hold in our hands. Central to such materials are board games, and it's our mission to continue the traditions from generations past by bringing us together to enjoy and learn through ways simpler than high-tech, but able to launch children to horizons filled with bright visions and hope filled dreams.


It Starts Here and Now

Through the creative process of patent making, our company has realized inventions which speak to the heart. "There's nothing new under the sun" has been recited many times, but in fact there is something new. We can have that creative spark that lights the way to inventiveness. But that can't happen without learning, and that learning in turn can't happen without the tools for learning. What we aim to do at Benedict Enterprises is provide tools which not only foster an attitude of wanting to learn, but do so in a way that bridges a young person's mind to a future where intelligence, creativity, problem solving and decision making lead to greater technology and progress - a place where games inspire and rule! 

A Heart for The Community

Teaching is vital for the sustainability of society. We all have a part to play in this and by investing in education we become better human beings. This is why Benedict Enterprises Incorporated is committed to schooling, education and the special people who can make such an important difference in the lives of our young people. 

Our company supports this mission by giving 10% of our time, efforts and sales to charitable educational outreach. It's our way of recognizing the link that the next generation has to the future of our community.    

The Wells Fargo Center in Beautiful Downtown Tampa


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